Tuesday, 16 July 2013

Bitcoin Kamikaze - how much guts do you have when gambling with BTC?

Bitcoin Kamikaze offers a very interesting gameplay that checks how much guts you have when gambling with your bitcoins and how far will you go to win some BTC.

Basically you start with grid of 9 rows and 5 columns.

Each round means that you need to choose one of the 5 cells from a row. If you hit a bomb you die, if you don't you go forward.  See below a game in which I went 4 rounds (and then took out the winnings - double the amount I bet).


There is one bomb on each row (so you have 80% chances of winning for each round) and you can take your winning out or move forward. If you do all 9 rows, you end up multiplying your bet by 6.

You have 80% of winning each round, but as you go further your chances of getting all rounds correctly decrease. The chance of getting all 9 rows ok is 13,4%. However if you know at which step to get out of the game you might have better chance of winning. Just do the math and win some bitcoins at  Bitcoin Kamikaze.

Some games also contain a special jackpot square. Hit this and you will automatically win the jackpot in addition to whatever you win from the game being played.

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  1. I finished the jackpot game and i don't recive the jackpot It's a fake