Tuesday, 16 July 2013

SatoshiSpin - review

SatoshiSpin is a Wheel of Fortune like game with bitcoins.

Players place bets on rounds that take place hourly, daily, and weekly. At the end of the hourly (daily or weekly) countdown, the game ends and the winners are chosen.

To ensure consistent calculable results, SatoshiSpin uses an algorithm that allows you to predict the winner ahead of time. This algorithm can be reviewed in the "HOW IT WORKS" tab of the site, also, you can check the results of past draws and generate in your browser the results with the real data of the draw.

Each bet buys a portion of the wheel. The more you bet, compared to you opponents, the bigger your portion of the wheel will be.

Because this algorithm is known before the end of the game, players compete and try to steal the pot to other players.

1.0 BTC equals 100 million "Satoshis". And 1 "Satoshi" equals 1 slice of the wheel. The wheel will spin the "magic number" of times each round.
The order in which Players bet and the amount they bet is important when predicting the winner.

The player will buy a portion of the wheel with the same number of slices that satoshis he is placing into the game.

When a player wins a round, 1 slice is subtracted from his portion of the wheel. Therefore, the total number of slices in the wheel decreases by 1, each round.

What's special about this game is that because the algorithm is known before the countdown ends, you can calculate if you are going to be the winner and the amount of prizes you are going to win. For a clever player, this strategies can be used to change the odds in their favor. The spinner (the pointer) will always show who is going to win the first prize if no other bet comes into the game.

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  1. nice one. i like the design and the concept.