Sunday, 2 June 2013

A (better) alternative to SatoshiDice

SatoshiDice is for sure the best known website where you can gamble with bitcoins, but other operators appear everyday on the market. And some of them offer better services, better gambling experience and better odds than SatoshiDice.

One of the well established bitcoin dice gambling websites is  

With a house edge of only 1% this is the best deal you can get when betting with bitcoins. Think about it, maybe some sites offer lower edges, but in this case they don't have a business model and they will run away with your bitcoins at some point in time. is a very well known and well established website and you can have the guarantee that your bitcoin gambling experience will be fun and safe with them.

There is no minum bet amount with them, so you can truly enjoy your gambling experience with them.

Using a very simple interface you can decide how risk-taker or risk averse you are before placing your bitcoin bet with them.