Tuesday, 4 June 2013 review - new ways to gamble with bitcoins (III)

Beside there is another very good service that allows users to create their own bets and then use bitcoins to bet on these. This service is called and there are a few major differences compared with

First of all it is much easier to bet on an existing statement or to add your own bitcoin bet to the website as you don't need registration. You just need to provide a bitcoin address that you want to use, and that's it. You can now bet with your bitcoins on any outcome for any event in the world.

Another major difference, is the business model where the company take 1% of the entire bet volume on a specific bet, rather than 5% of the loosing bets on that market. In this way doesn't have a reson to favor one side or another when settling the bet.

So with you can create your own bitcoin betting markets in any domain from sports, politics, economics, science etc. and then gamble your bitcoins on it.


  1. Hi, could you write a review on the Bitcoin Prediction Market

  2. Honestly, I never win thousands of payouts or rewarded commissions to date; I never anticipate it though. Another way to gamble with bitcoin is through bitcoin lottery. In Betcoin™ Prize for example, draws happen every day, every 3 days and 15 days, so that means you have several options to bet at and greater chance of winning.