Friday, 7 June 2013

Bitcoin live casino

Casinobit is the first operator that provides live-dealer casino games and accept bitcoins as payment method. The video feed come from the VueTec provider. VueTec is a leading online casino gaming software developer and operator and is also a provider for regulated online casino DublinBet.

The video and results feed itself, originates from Fitzwilliam Casino and Card Club in Dublin, Ireland.

In order to play some roulette with your bitcoins at Casinobit you don't need to create an account, just use the relevant address for your bet and send your bitcoins there. In case your bet wins you will get your bitcoins back on the same address.  

The minimum bet on live-casino table is 0.001 BTC and combining this with the fast transaction times, you can have a great time playing some live dealer roulette with your bitcoins.


  1. In the online casinos, you need to be careful about your money. Your money, which you invest over the casinos games, is hard earned money. So, do not just waste it. Casino gaming can be very random and it is true to some extent but not all the games have random results. The strategies can be made up to turn the events of some games. Online casinos demand smartness and boldness. Only such people can thrive in the online casinos. You need to be smart to choose when to bet and how much to bet.

  2. Ohh it is very interesting post, I have heard about bitcoins, but it is hard to find casino which accept it.

  3. “I have heard about bitcoins, but it is hard to find casino which accept it.”

    Really? When was the last time you search on bitcoin casino? Man, you’re missing the train. There are hundreds of bitcoin casinos now. In fact, I’m an affiliate of Betcoin™. Just like the traditional online and brick and mortar casino they offer classic casino games with bitcoin integration. You can delve on bitcoin roulette, bitcoin lottery, bitcoin blackjack, bitcoin poker, bitcoin slot or even bitcoin dice.

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