Wednesday, 5 June 2013

Bitcoin sportsbook for US market

Bitbook is a bitcoin sportsbook that specifically target the US market. You can wager your bitcoins on both Straights and Parlays and the selection of odds include events from: Baseball, Basketball, Football (the American one), Golf, Hockey, but also odds from MMA, Rugby League, Soccer or Tennis.

Bitcoin bookmaker operations are way harder to run (compared to casino, dice, poker and other bitcoin gambling websites), so it's much harder to find a decent website that is in the same time trustworthy, offer good odds and also have large volumes to be able to take your bitcoin bets.

Although the odds are being shown in both European (decimal) and US styles, the odds table layout and the way the data is presented makes Bitbook a website for US bitcoin sport bettors.

The regular US punter can bet his bitcoins for values that are close to good offers from well known standard sports betting websites like Pinnacle.

The minimum value of a bet is 0.01 BTC and the deposits and withdraws are processed in a matter of minutes giving the bettor the highest anonymity one can get when betting online.

This bookmaker received good reviews on the bitcointalk forum and the fact that guys working for it are active members of the largest bitcoin community makes Bitbook a safe place to wager your bitcoin online on various sports events.


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