Monday, 3 June 2013

Seals with clubs - largest bitcoin poker community

Sealswithclubs is the best known poker site that uses bitcoin as payment method. The site was established in August 2011 (that's old in bitcoin time), by a few former online poker players.

Again, like for any other bitcoin gambling related websites, trust in the website that is used is the most important issue. So if you want to play some hold'em poker with your bitcoins and feel safe that no-one will run with your coins, then you should choose smart and go with Sealswithclubs.

Unlike a lot of bitcoin related ventures, there are actually some names behind this website, having Bryan Micon as affiliate manager. 

The site offers both a standalone desktop software (for those who preffer this way) and an android app that allows you to bet your bitcoins in poker from your mobile devices as well. 

The company paid out over 110k BTC and had over 8.000 transactions in the first 16 months since their opening ranking the company in top 5 major bitcoin gambling operators. The site has a big database of players, which creates great volumes and great poker opportunities for your bitcoins.

An important point for anyone who wants to play poker online using bitcoins can be found in the site FAQ:

Do you accept USA players? Other countries?
 SealsWithClubs gladly accepts players worldwide.

The rake used is around half of what other pokersites offer, No Limit and Pot Limit games rake 2.5% of the total pot size with a 0.01 BTC (10 chip) maximum. Limit games with a big blind less than 0.1 BTC have 2.5% rake and a 2BB cap. Limit games with a big blind of 0.1 BTC or more have 1% rake and a 0.007 BTC (7 chip) maximum. No rake is collected on hands that do not make it to the flop.

If all the above convinced you, go an open a bitcoin poker account today with Sealswithclubs. It will give you very fast transactions, almost no fees and anonymity.

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  1. The good thing about bitcoin casino is that they accept players worldwide. Unlike the typical online casino, bitcoin casino does not need any bank accounts or personal information. Just get ready with your bitcoin address and you’re good to bet at any classic games like bitcoin poker.